Recover deleted data using recovery programs

Every one of delete files accidentally we all remember about it only after pressing the “Yes” button. In my case I always delete files with [Shift]+[Delete] key combinations so no recycle bin is present in my story,

Here is three software that are best in recovering deleted files from your Hard Disk 

Directory Snoop 5.0

The interface will take some time to get used to but it contains good documentation on what this software does. This 1.5 MB tool finds files, allows for filtering and content searching, and even reveals raw hard-disk data cluster by cluster.

It also has a shredder function to destroy sensitive data. One problem I have about this software is that work its doesn’t work on damaged disks or partitions, nor you can run it from a bootable diskette if your system has crashed. CD-ROMs are not supported. It is a big minus point. 

Active Undelete – Data Recovery 5.1.019

This software has a good interface that will be easy for even beginners to understand. You have option for quick scan and deep scans, if the files are deleted some hours ago a quick scan will do the job. You have the option to save the scan result files as images and I think his will be useful while you are working on an old machine with a HDD near crash.

O&O DiskRecovery 4

This software is capable of scanning more than 300 popular extensions and I really like this software due to its nice interface and functionality provided. You can use this one to scan deleted or formatted HDD or memory cards

2 thoughts on “Recover deleted data using recovery programs

  1. It may be useful to note (I made this mistake) if you happen to install recovery software at the last minute (as in: delete, *headsmack*, install) not to install it on the same drive you deleted it from. I deleted an email less than 10KiB in size and noticed that half was overwritten by the beginning of a readme for the recovery that I had just installed.

  2. These three look good though I think that you should have also mentioned StompSoft’s Recover Lost Data ( this application has saved my rear end more than once, at home and at work. (I have a stray finger that has a fascination with the delete key):) Anyway, thanks for the list, as I will be keeping this titles in mind should I want to try out some new software sometime.


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