Microsoft Zune:the Apple ipod killer from Microsoft

Microsofts ipod rival zune

Microsoft has conformed that they are planning to release a digital music player belived to be code named as “Project Argo”.The new music player named as zune is speculated to include wireless technologies to download music and videos and it is strongly belived that it will be linked heavily with Microsofts new services.According to statistics Apple enjoys more than 50% market share currently and iTunes has over 70% marketshare so Microsoft has a tough job ahead for competing with Apple Ipod.
Till now Microsoft has partnerd with other music player manufacturers to license its technologies but there was no resonable improvemrnt in this way.
Theese days Microsoft i entering new markets to maintain its current level of profuts the tech giant from redmond knew that there OS and Office suite business wont last forever as profitable as currently.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Zune:the Apple ipod killer from Microsoft

  1. Microsoft should be able to use the xbox 360 as leverage to get the zune going. They went up against Sony on thier own turf, now it’s apple’s turn.

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